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    Intel IOT Dashboard  - Log Export to CSV File -  Date Data Format


      I‘ve started logging succesfully temperature value of my room to Intel IOT Analytics Dashboard platform with my Edison arduino board.


      I exported the data to a CSV file from the dashboard, but it was impossible to recognize the date and time value recorded into the file. If anybody can tell me the correct data format or what’s wrong with me?


      A sample Log entry in the CSV File:02-00-86-49-63-d2,02-00-86-49-63-d2-NAME,77de409d-91bd-457f-a8a1-224cbd54def4,LM35_1,temp1.v1.1,1433161610376,26.314568


      Actual logging data; 02-00-86-49-63-d2,LM35_1,77de409d-91bd-457f-a8a1-224cbd54def4,temp1.v1.1,06-01-2015 12:26:50,26.314568

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          Hi ihacivelioglu,


          I've been tried to figure out what the format of your date is. I think that number is the number of milliseconds since 1/1/1970. This system is called UNIX time, which normally counts the number of seconds, no milliseconds, but it is just a conversion needed.


          Check this site: Epoch Converter - Unix Timestamp Converter. It is a timestamp converter. I think you will find it interesting. If you are using Excel* to open the .csv file you should apply this formula to the number you are getting:

                                                                      =([Number in Milliseconds]/86400000)+25569


          I hope you find this information helpful.