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    Scramble cursor in portrait mode. Does this happen to your tablet too?


      I've been using Windows 7 since build 6801 on my  Lenovo x61 Tablet, and I have filed multiple bug reports on this problem since then:

      1. Switch to portrait mode
      2. Open Journal
      3. Do some doodling
      4. Change cursor pen size to Marker (2mm)
      5. Do some doodling
      6. Change cursor size back to smaller size such as "fine chisel"
      7. Cursor is scramble with a mix of the larger marker dot and the fine chisel dot.

      Now I'm using the RTM build from MSDNAA and this still happens (32bit and 64bit)!!! I have tried updating video drivers, and wacom drivers, but none of that fixes it.

      I wonder if this only happens on the x61t or other tablets as well. Can those with Windows 7 installed report back please?

      Searching on the internet I found people with similiar problems:

      If this is happening to all tablet pcs then Microsoft must fix this ASAP!

      edit: This does not happen in landscape mode.