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    [SOLVED] XDK IoT does not save global settings across settings (corrupted setting file, where to find it?)




      I am writing because I find myself constantly having to re-enter certain settings in IoT XDK UI:

      1. board connection settings for debug (my board does not appear automatically even though I have Bonjour installed so I need the manual connection)

      2. same thing for the SSH terminal

      3. Project layout not saved in the UI (i.e I have to manually reopen the project each time).


      I got a popup once about the settings file being somewhat corrupted and the UI telling me it saved it somewhere else in case I wanted to manually edit it but I don't know the location.


      Could sb point me at the location where such a setting file is (this is Windows 7 with XDK IoT 1912).


      Thanks for your help again!