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      I have experienced a RAID 1 failure and could use a little help and advice on how to repair the problem if that's possible.


      I have attached 4 files (JPG pictures) that show the problem.

      The first picture I took during the boot process which shows a RAID 1 Failed Status.

      I have also included two pictures from the Intel Matrix Storage Console program which shows Port 0 as a non-RAID Disk and Port 1 as a Member Disk.

      The last picture is a a copy of the Matrix Storage Console report which also shows RAID 1 as having failed and a Port 0 disk as being OK.

      I am a little confused on just what has failed exactly and if it is a mechanical failure of one of the drives or something is simply out of synch and whether any of this is repairable. Before I start trying to use Intel's Matrix Storage Console program to repair anything I would like your sage counsel and advice as to just what problem I am experiencing and how to fix it properly if at all possible.

      Thanks you in advance for your help.


      Rick C.

      DC-9 Captain

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          RAID failed status usually means, the structure and data are no longer available.

          Since this is RAID 1, you can recreate RAID by resetting disks to Non RAID and use Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager to modify the disk and convert them onto RAID 1.

          Based on the picture Intel-Matrix-2.jpg  you have missing drive, you could try right clicking the drive and check what options it will display.

          If there is no option to recreate RAID from existing drive, you will need to Reset disk to Non RAID at BIOS level and recreate the structure.