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    NUC5i3 losing HDMI video output




      I've been attempting to troubleshoot and HDMI output issue with a NUC5i3 setup as a media server.  Unlike other posters, my problem is NOT due to device sleep.  It's occurring just by leaving the device on all the time, and turning off the display (all sleep, suspend, turn off display, etc settings disabled).  Occasionally when turning the display back on the NUC does not resume video output. (I've tried HDMI-YO - a small utility that forces the PC to resync the HDMI connection, and that is successful about 50% of the time. Otherwise reboot is the only solution.)




      I'm running the latest BIOS 0246 and the latest video drivers via the Intel Driver Update Utility.


      All the other posts I've been able to find are about losing HDMI audio, or losing HDMI after sleep/suspend.  Is this a known issue as well?  I've never hit it with any other device (media players, game consoles, PC's, etc). Unfortunately I'm about 48 hours from returning the NUC which is otherwise perfect for this use.


      Cheers - j