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    Errata AW67 in DG31pr with E7400


      I recently bought the following for Vmware-ESX 4.0 installation.

      1. DG31pr Main Board

      2. E7400 Core2Duo processor (SPEC code:SLGW3 ,Ordering code:BX80571E7400)

      The main intention of buying this comination is that,the processor supports VT-x and the main board BIOS has the VT enable option.


      While installing vmware,i am facing the problem that the processor is not VT though the processor supports VT and the VT option is enabled in BIOS.I finnaly came to know that the processor  suffers from "Errata AW67".More details could be found at  Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8000 Series and E7000 Series Specification Update .


      Currently my main board BIOS version is 65. Could you please suggest me a solution for this?Is this fixed in later BIOS versions?