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    Intel Core i3 4170/HD 4400 - freezing and artefacts on the screen


      I'v finished building my pc about 2 week ago.

      Since last week It will randomly freeze and cover entire screen with artifacts.

      Those freezes seem completely random - they can happen while system is idle, during gaming or while watching youtube.

      I'v done everything in my power to troubleshot it, but nothing seems to work.


      Photo of the artefacts: View image: IMG 0001[1]


      Here is what I'v tried so far:


      Memtest86 - 6 cycles - no errors found.

      Chkdsk on my HDD and SSD - all good.

      Monitored temperatures with HWMonitor - all temps within norm (View image: hwmonitor ) *not sure why, but it shows CPU as i3 4360.

      Furmark for 20 min - no problems.

      Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool - All tests passed (Results  ---------------------------  --- Testing Processor 1 ---  ------------- - Pastebin.com)

      I've reinstalled entire system, installed only the newest drivers for my MO and GPU - still happens.


      My setup:

      OS - Windows 7 Pro 64bit

      CPU - Intel Core i3-4170

      GPU - Intel HD 4400

      MO - MSI B85M-E45

      RAM - 4x2GB 1333hz

      PSU - Thermaltake smart se modular 530w

      Storage - Samsung SSD 840 128GB, Seagate Barracuda 7200 500GB