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    DH87MC, catastropic electrical failure


      One week ago, I wanted to copy my Windows 8 from a 1 gig WD sata drive to my intel 525 120 GB msata drive to speed it up, not enough room so I purchased a Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB, turn the computer off, switch power off in back, replaced msata, turn back on within 30 seconds received a message catastropic electrical failure, turn computer off, ordered new power supply, install and still no boot, so I buy a new WD hard drive, install and nothing, unable to find operating system and a few other messages, I had left in a WD 750 sata, so I put the Windows 8 install disk in, comes up and it doesn't see any drive other than the new Samsung SSD, I install Windows 8, works great, then I removed the WD 750 and it won't boot again, even after putting it back in.  I went to YouTube and ran across a vid of a guy who went through how to deal with a locked drive, took me about 30 minutes but it worked, it boots up to the SSD, did that catastrophic electric failure burn up my SATA connections?  It did fry 3 drives, one was brand new..........I also ordered a new motherboard, never had anything like this happen....

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          Do you have another PC and a USB external dock with which you can test all of the hard drives and SSDs? You need to only test one variable at a time. Testing drives via internal SATA cables is always risky because there is no isolation.


          What was the model of the original power supply? It wasn't an older Dell, was it?

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            The original power supply was a Cooler Master RS 500, replaced it with a EVGA 650.  Pretty sure was not the power supply, checked the hard drives on another computer, none worked.  Just after the message of catastropic electrical failure I did smell a burning odor for a couple of seconds......it is strange it happened right after I installed the new Samsung ssd msata card, hoping it won't fry the new board.

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              I saw an SSD fried once. It had a SATA-Molex adapter and the Molex connector on one end must have been worn because it went in backwards. We smelled a little smoke and the SSD was gone (actually, probably the controller).


              I find it hard to believe an SSD could fry anything other than itself. A bad motherboard, sure, but not an SSD. That said, I would test that SSD with an external USB dock before I trusted it.


              How was the SSD connected to the PC? If via cable, I'd toss the cable.

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                The motherboard is a Intel DH87MC, which has a msata slot, when i built it I put a Intel SSD 525 128 GB onboard.  I didn't install the OS on it then, wish I would have, recently wanted to put the OS on it, but not enough room, so I bought the Samsung 250 GB card and installed it, within minutes the message came up, smell and both hard drives went bad. replaced power supply, bought new WD 1 gb hard drive that got fried when hooked up.  I took a hard drive from another working computer and hooked up and still would not boot up, fortunately that drive was still working in the other computer but the sata is not working other than the SSD msata drive......... I've had the motherboard two years and never been a problem until I switched SSD..........  as I said I put the Windows 8 disk in to repair but the drive was locked, so I went to YouTube video showing how to unlock a drive, took me a while but computer works, waiting on new motherboard.......