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    DN2820FYKH powers on automatically


      I have recently bought a DN2820FYKH and it works great, except for that it powers on automatically sometimes.


      For instance, I shut it down through my operating system and it shuts down. Moments later (don't me ask how long as I notice it by mistake) it's turned on again. I unplug the power cord and plug it back in 4 hours later and it still turns back on later (not instantly). I have also tried shutting it off by holding the power button down and got the same results.


      I can say right away that the BIOS is not upgraded (11 BIOS updates behind), Intel's instructions say that you should only upgrade if you know that the update will solve a particular issue (is that correct? First time I've heard that one). But in any case, I am curious to find out if this is a known issue/bug or if anyone have a hunch that setting x in the bios is/can be the cause of this. Any ideas?

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          The two most common situations behind similar reports seem to be these:  Are you operating IR remotes in same room as the NUC, especially Xbox or Media Center remotes but sometimes certain TV remote?  If so then sometimes the NUC can power up based on such IR remote power buttons or in a few BIOS even based on another button such as Pause.  You could try to isolate that by something like thick covering over the front window with something like cardboard.  If so, there were very recent BIOS which allowed disabling such feature.  The other reason is Wake On LAN - for that case you look in places like network driver-properties-power tab for any settings relating to Wake on LAN and disable them (both wired and wireless), and perhaps also disable such feature in the BIOS settings.

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            You hit the mark!


            The remote is what powers it on. I just tried it. But it's only my normal remote control to my Philips TV. So weird that it connects by itself; how could anyone think that would be an idea without trouble?


            I will try to update the BIOS and report back here. Thanks for you post.

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              I should clarify that after updating to BIOS (0050 - I hope you do not have any trouble), you most likely need to go to a new Power settings page in the Visual BIOS and disable wake from CIR.

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                It worked perfectly! Thank you!