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    Intel® Galileo Community Feedback.


      We are interested any in and all feedback you have on our support website or the community.

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          Hi Chris

          I made a posting a few months ago about the need for a Wikipedia that would allow users to post solutions and tutorials Galileo Wikipedia

          Others have made similar suggestions for the same reasons- there is a ton of information here, but it is difficult to find, solutions are spread across many messages or discussions and information becomes outdated as things change. Some people have tried to add "best if Intel web site" pages, but the problem is that these are scattered about, only reflect the interests of the person running the blog and entries are seldom updated, Because of this, visitors repeatably ask the same questions as they are having the same problems that others have had in the past and have been resolved.

          It would make life much easier if vetted users - probably people who have made a number of contributions - could post information that could then be edited/updated as needed so that we would end up with a a "best" solution(s) to problems. This could also be a place for posting tutorials and projects, as most people learn best if they can see/build/modify an example.



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            Thanks for the feedback. This is something I am actively working. 

            I hope to have more information in the next week or so.  



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              what is a future of Project Gallery ? Will it be deleted?




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                The Intel website is a mess. Good information is scattered about and covers more than 1 version of the iotdevkit, images and softwares.

                It would be wonderful if there were just 1 place to go for all current supported images and software, manuals and such.


                I await an updated yocto image for my galileo gen 2 that is all tiptop and up to date.

                At least, reasonably so. When I use the intel images there's just soooo many updates and kernel upgrades.

                A fresh up2date image would really be nice. Please consider it.