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    Intel(R) Edison Website Feedback.


      We are interested any in and all feedback you have on our support website and or the community.



      Updated 7/21/2015


      Thank you all for your feedback thus far.  Please know that even if I haven’t replied to every post I am reading all of them.  There are many of your suggestions that we are currently working on and hope to make some headway soon.  There are other suggestions that are unfortunately outside of my control and nothing we can change.  The point system for example is a community wide feature and nothing something we can disable.  The "remember me" options is controlled by corporate security settings, we are trying to get it address for the community, but thus far have made no progress.  I hope to have more information on the other features and suggestions in the near future.


      Thanks again for the feedback and please keep it coming. 

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          Is this forum part of your evaluation? If so, please make the forum remember the login data a little longer. It seems that "remember me" does not change anything.

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            Yes, absolutely.  Let me look into this.  

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              I have mentioned this in some other threads, but I really wish there was some place(s), where we could find out about the status of things and hopefully some idea of if/when things will be fixed and released.  Maybe something like github issues or the like.


              That way when someone has an issue, that has been seen before, we can refer them to the problem report, where hopefully they can find additional information, like current workaround...


              Examples of this include:

              a) SPI - There are several issues, including long delays, timeout issues, ...

              b) USB - host mode on mini works on every other boot...


              Note: when releases come out they contain information about what issues were fixed or not fixed, but there is no information included, to know what that issue was, or what the disposition of other issues,

              Example: SPI.

              Last release there is only one thing mentioned: EDISON 2476 - MRAA wrongly set SPI pinmux


              Again no information on what this is, but can guess and in this case as it is MRAA, there is probably an issue in the mraa github.


              But if we look at the 2.0 beta release notes, we see an unresolved issue: EDISON 2033 - Delay between packets in SPI

              So what is the status of this issue?  Which delay are we talking about?  Between bytes? between requests?  DMA? support for timouts in spidev IOCTL control?



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                1. It's very very slow

                2. Moderation is required for pretty much every post now (even when no external links), real time discussion is impossible

                3. Too much 'surround', ratings,like, tags all are pretty pointless, unused and disturb from messages.

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                  Hi Brendan

                  For the months of April and May there was an egregious amount of spam and that required moderation. It's unfortunate that the community has to deal with these things, but the spammers disrupt the community deliberately and right now there is no other way to deal with it. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on what functionality you would like to see, since you think that tags/ratings you feel distract from the message.

                  Your participation on the Intel communities is appreciated.

                  Blake Morgan

                  Intel Customer Support

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                    I just signed up.  Unfortunately I had a typo when I put my email into the registration form.  I contacted support and went round and round and nobody could get me working.  Eventually they said to just sign up with a new username!


                    Anyway I was able to poke around in the "my profile" to get my email address corrected.  It seems like there are multiple user databases that aren't quite synced properly.


                    My suggestion would be at least to have an email confirmation on the registration form so a typo doesn't make one go down the rabbit hole.  And maybe better training for support so they can fix these problems; I was able to fix it myself better than they could, which is unfortunate.

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                      Paul Bearne

                      The forum is a good source of help for me.

                      However coming from an ARM engineering background I do find the lack low level hardware information a little frustrating. We have a device in the Edison with all the capabilities of most Microcontrollers so it would be nice to have full hardware datasheet.

                      I also would like some kind of roadmap just to make it easier to see what is coming in version X , I understand that time scales me be difficult and usually end in missed deadlines but knowing the product will end up would make it easier for me to design it in.

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                        when producing a long forum post like a set of step-by-step instructions, it would be exceptionally useful to be able to use markdown as an editor alternative, rather than just plain text or html.


                        additionally, <pre><code> elements do not currently render a block of code.


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                          Dealing with spam is easy, after a certain amount of 'points' you just trust the user. Spammers don't start out as useful users, they're always spammers. So after registration if the user gets 5 posts that are 'liked' or replied to then they get upgraded to 'moderation' free. The reduced moderation would probably even pay for the dev of such a feature ;-) Personally I feel sorry for the people moderating my boring comments.

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                            Some time ago I suggested a wiki site devoted to the Edison. It would also be nice to have a subversion or git repository for all of the available source code instead of having to download and sort through a bunch of zip files that will always end up being out of date. And last, but not least, a bugzilla bug reporting site would also be a great addition.

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                              I'll second that the moderation required for nearly all posts does make it quite a lot less useful.  I doubt any spammers would reach any significant level, so it should be quite easy to deal with.  I was playing around with PhpBB a while back and the default setting in that is to require moderator approval for the first 3 posts from new users - after that they will be allowed to post unmoderated.

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                                While working on porting OpenWrt to Intel Edison, I did put up a MediaWiki site dedicated to my notes regarding Edison.  If anybody else want to use that you are welcome.  And I would have loved if a Git repository of the kernel patches had been publicly available.  That would have speed up the process a lot.

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                                  Thanks for the input on moderation. However, that was turned off last week so if you are still being moderated please send me a PM. 



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                                    I am still looking into this. 



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