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    No USB Mouse-Keyboard at Windows Log On DP45SG


      I recently purchased a new DP45SG board as a platform for testing applications compatibility for multiple operating systems. Since that time the board has been testing my sanity by challenging the entire concept of hardware and software compatibility. After weeks of trial and error memory R&R's, I located acceptable DDR3 SDRAM and finally managed to boot into the BIOS for the first time today.


      Unfortunately, now I'm being prevented from logging into Windows. Although the USB keyboard & mouse work in BIOS and on my partition manager, at Windows log on screen they don't respond. I can not type a password or get past the log on screen in either my Windows 2000 or XP Pro OS partitions.


      I've already tried different keyboards, USB ports, enabling/disabling USB options in BIOS, etc. Has anyone run into this issue before?


      Here are more details:

      Intel Desktop Board DP45SG

      AA#: E27733-405

      CPU: Core2 Quad Q9550 2.83 GHZ

      Memory: (2)x 2GB modules HYNIX HMT125U6TFR8C-H9  2GB 2RX8 PC3-10600U - HP P/N: 497157 – B88

      Single PCIe add in card: MSI GeForce GT 610




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          Hello UberGeek,


          Try doing a BIOS update in the system. There are some BIOS versions that contain fixes for USB keywords issues. Here you can download the BIOS updates:



          If possible, try different USB keyboard and mouse just in case there may exist a compatibility issue.


          Kevin m

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            Hi Kevin,


            Thanks for the reply.

            In 15 years of computer work I've never seen such a nasty USB problem on a motherboard.

            Prior to my posting, several working USB wired and wireless keyboards were used so we can rule this out.

            I had also flashed the latest BIOS and later re-flashed it once again in recovery mode.


            I  worked on this all day yesterday and can provide the following updates.

            I can confirm that the USB ports lockup immediately after the Windows login screen appears.

            With bootlogging enabled, my ntbtlog.txt shows a royal mess as follows:


            Did not load driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\i8042prt.sys

            Did not load driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\usbehci.sys

            Did not load driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\mouclass.sys

            Did not load driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\kbdclass.sys


            Did not load driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\usbhub.sys

            Did not load driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\usbhub20.sys

            Did not load driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\srv.sys

            Did not load driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\wmiacpi.sys

            Did not load driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\USBSTOR.SYS

            Did not load driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\hidusb.sys

            Did not load driver acpi multiprocessor PC


            I just changed out the 450 w power supply with a 750 w unit so it doesn't seem to be a PSU issue.

            During the replacement, I removed the motherboard, double checked mounting & all connections, removed and reinstalled the CPU looking for bent pins, etc., but everything looked normal.


            I'm just guessing

            a) A CPU problem - Hardware or software? Would the CPU replacement from Core2 Duo to Core2 Quad cause this situation. I don't believe this would require additional configurations or drivers.

            b) Memory misconfiguration/incompatibility

            c) An IRQ conflict - Video Card?

            d) A Microsoft OS or Driver issue - This could be very time consuming.

            e) A firmware glitch - Flash to an earlier BIOS


            First of all, I would prefer avoiding the reinstallation of Windows.

            Since I can not boot into Windows, my options are somewhat limited.

            I can use a number of other methods such as various Emergency Boot CD's which I am currently using for registry edits and file removals.

            FYI, the OS partitions were created on another machine, a Core2 Duo, G45, ICH10. I've never had a single problem booting these images on 8 other Core2 Duo systems I own and can't imagine what could be so different between a G45 and P45 to cause such mess, especially since the USB, mouse, and keyboard files are from Microsoft.


            I'm more than willing to remove and replace any system32/drivers files or edit the registry if you have any ideas.


            Many thanks,


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              I am afraid to say that there is no information from our side about the registry keys that you may need to modify but perhaps any other user can share their details.


              From my point of view, all the steps you did are great but the only thing you are missing so far is reinstalling the Operating System. Maybe, if you have another HDD you can disconnect the current drives and connect another one for testing.

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                Did you install Windows onto the HDD using a different generation of this or another motherboard? The symptoms you are describing is one of the two issues (the other being BSODs) that I have seen occur in this situation. The problem is that Windows sees the need to re-enumerate all devices but this does not occur until after you login (nice Catch 22). If this is the situation you are in, there is something you can try, but I admit that I have had limited success getting it to work. Boot up in safe mode. Let PC sit for a while (5 mins) so it can go as far as it can in its re-enumeration. Use power button to shut back down. Repeat this process once or twice more. Sometimes, with safe mode booting, the re-enumeration occurs in a different order and enough of it gets through to the point where the USB keyboard and mouse work. Again, I have seen this be successful once or twice, but most of the time an O/S re-install is necessary... :^(



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                  Hi Scott,


                  You hit the nail on the head!


                  I eventually managed to overcome this aggravating situation several days after 's reply. Fortunately Windows did not need to be reinstalled but finding a solution was no easy task due to  unexpected behavior of Windows USB Mouse & Keyboard enumeration. As you correctly noted, the HDD installation was done on another motherboard, however, the OS image was created on an HP DC7900 Q45 Eaglelake with the same ICH10 drivers, including 2 different USB Mice & KB's which had already been enumerated.


                  The Teaser:

                  Before creating the image, I uninstalled the entire PCI stack (PCI bus in Device Manager), realizing that before logging into the new machine, the entire PCI bus would be re-enumerated in registry with the corrected PCI\VEN ID's for the DP45SG. This had always worked for me before, but then again I always owned motherboards with PS/2 ports which never fail. After being unable to get past the login screen, I booted into Windows using a recovery CD. A careful review of the system confirmed the inf's and system files were all there and the registry had been properly enumerated with corrected paths to the OEM.inf's. WTF!


                  Three Solutions:

                  a) Edit or Create an Autologin registry patch by modifying values under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon or equivalent key.

                  The patch above, created with the user's password, will automatically bypass the login screen and boot directly into Windows.


                  b) From the Source Machine which has already enumerated & installed the same USB Mice & Keyboards, Export copies of the following registry keys, including all subkeys






                  The entire bloody mess can be applied to the Target Machine or merged into a single registry patch. These are just the basic steps. They can be always be edited and refined but should at least guarantee connectivity of one or more ports on the target machine.


                  c) Try to find a USB to PS/2 Dongle, but only a product with built-in controller chip.


                  The Issue:

                  Unlike other PCI Devices, USB Mice & Keyboards do not automatically enumerate in Windows prior to Login, and afterwards, often require User input, yes, yes, yes, install.

                  See my recent discussion regarding this exact behavior with a well respected Japanese programer on MSFN forums at Post  #656 and #657.

                  I believe I'm close to a more elegant and final solution which could resolve this issue on several versions of Windows. I intend to post the solution on MFSN in the near future.


                  The Lessons:

                  * Don't ever purchase a motherboard or computer without a PS/2 port.

                  * If the purging and recreation of PCI devices are anticipated, always save a copy of the HID\vid and matching USB\vid devices to apply afterwards.