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    Black/Messed up screen in W8.1 on laptop


      I have an ASUS V551LB laptop, with Windows 8.1 freshly installed today. After running through about 700MB of updates through Windows update (including Intel and NVidia video drivers,) the computer restarted only to show me a blank screen after loading Windows. When I plug in an external monitor, I get this (the lines are moving and flying all over the place):

      2015-05-28 14.28.11.jpg

      When I put the computer to sleep, and wake it up again with the laptop lid closed, the external monitor starts working, while the laptop LCD just turns off. The two screens are set to mirror in this picture:

      2015-05-28 14.41.51.jpg

      This is how I was able to get in and uninstall the graphics drivers, after which both screens returned to normal. I've so far tried three version of the HD Graphics driver: the one through Windows Update, the generic one off the Intel website, and the specific driver from the support page of the laptop, and all three cause the same problem. How can I fix this? I would like to install the NVidia drivers, but they won't work without the Intel drivers installed first.


      What can be causing this? All I can think of is that some driver I haven't installed yet is missing, but I don't know what it could be. I installed the chipset driver (again from the ASUS website,) and now neither screen is working AT ALL, event he sleep trick isn't working, so I'm pretty much resigned to re-installing Windows again to get it working again.

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          Alright, I think the last situation was a fluke, I can still use the external monitor. Right now, I have the driver from ASUS installed, and I was able to install the NVidia driver as well. After a bit of looking around, this is the situation I'm in:


          -If I keep the Intel driver on, everything seems to work aside from the laptop's built-in LCD. I found through the screen resolution window that the computer can't even SEE the LCD, the external TV is now the primary monitor, and there is a second "intel WiDi" display that is not connected to anything. No mention of the internal screen here OR in the HD Graphics Control Panel. Even though I can still use the touchscreen functionality, the screen is off.


          -If I disable the Intel driver in the Device Manager, I can use the laptop LCD just fine (and it helps that disabling a driver carries over through restarts,) but some important functions no longer work; mainly sleep and display switching. The external monitor ALWAYS mirrors the internal LCD, for some reason it can't detect a separate monitor and just passes the video through.


          So WHY can't the Intel drivers see my laptop's LCD, and how can I fix that?

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            Base on your description, yours system is a Hybrid Graphics system therefore it requires special drivers.

            This problem you are having definitely seems to be a driver conflict so I recommend you uninstalling both drivers and then install the Intel® Driver First. Here you can download the latest:



            It is important to say that OEM drivers include special features that will work specifically for your computer. This is why installing the driver from the Computer Manufacture is very important.

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              Thanks for the information. I've already done what you said: I've re-installed the Intel driver multiple times, at the moment I am using the one from ASUS, as you suggest.

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                In this case, my best recommendation is to report this problem to Asus due to the special configuration your system requires.


                Kevin m