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    PROBLEMS With the boxNUC5i3RYH used as an HTPC


      I'm running a brand new ( a week old) NUC5i3RYH with Windows 7 x64. Below are the problems ranked by decreasing priority that I would like to solve.


      1/ SMBus Controller shows up yellow bang at device manager on Windows 7 x64.

      I tried to install all drivers under windows 7 x64 on NUC5I3RYH and everything worked, but now under Devices Manager the SMBus controller shows up a yellow bang with error code 31 function 3. Previously, it was displayed as an unknown device and has now been redirected in System devices.

      Obviously, the box is equipped with the latest bios available, and that all Windows updates have been applied.

      2/ Problems with wakeup functions

      I have installed an external USB-CEC adapter from Pulse-Eight Company. This adapter is used with the Kodi media center. Although it has been previously vaiidated with a Shuttle DS81 board, it is no longer functional with the NUC box. When the suspend or stop command is sent to the NUC, for instance by the means of the TV command, the NUC box starts to sleep/stop, but after a few minutes it wakeup. The only way to shutdown the PC is to use the start menu.

      3/ Problems with the connection to an UHD TV(*) featuring hdmi 2.0 connections

      Early in my tests, I connected the BOX to the TV via the mini-HDMI link alone. By this method, It was not possible to display the Windows desktop. Idem with other operating systems preloaded : Ubuntu 14.04.2 or 15.04 and OpenELEC 6.

      In order to get the display, I was led to connect simultaneously the mini-Displayport and try to adjust graphical parameters. At the end, it has been possible to use the mini-hdmi connection alone, but with some restrictions. Firstly, after boot there is sometimes no display on the TV forcing to restart the PC. Then, although Windows tells that the best resolution offered by the TV is 4096x2160, it cannot synchronize with the TV in this mode, and consequently I was forced to use only the 1920 x1080 resolution. Idem when using the mini-display port link.

      By contrast, with Ubuntu or OpenELEC, it is possible to get the display at UHD resolution with the mini-display port, 24 hz.

      Finally, by connecting to the UHD TV a DS81 Shuttle instead of the NUC box, UHD display at 30 Hz is possible on any of the outputs of the Shuttle (HDMI or Displayport).

      (*) SAMSUNG UE65HU8500