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    would E5-2696v2 work on motherboard S2600CP?



      I went accross 2x E5-2696v2 processors and tried to use them in one of our work stations based on S2600CP or S2600CP4 motherboards. Unfortunately neither of the computers worked with those CPU's. Both of the computers worked fine with 2690 v1 and 2667 v2 though. So my question is: should the two platforms work with E5-2696v2 processors?


      more specific information about platforms:


      Chipset: Intel C602 rev. 06

      Mainboard Model: S2600CP (0x000001AE - 0x005368B0)

           revision: E99552-510

           serial: QSCP34300402

      BIOS: SE5C600.86B.02.02.0002.122320131210 dated at 12/23/2013

      where minimum required bios is ver. 02.01.0002 from 09/07/2013


      the list of compatible processors is: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/CS-033241.htm

      where 2696v2 does no appear.


      looking forward your help.