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    Multithreading on Intel Edison



      I am using Eclipse to develop C++ code for Intel Edison. I was trying to write a simple multi thread code for Intel Edison shown below

      #include "mraa.hpp"
      #include <iostream>
      #include <unistd.h>
      #include <thread>
      #include <signal.h>
      int running = 0;
      void sig_handler(int signo) {
          if (signo == SIGINT) {
              printf("closing spi nicely\n");
              running = -1;
      void thread1(){
          std::cout<<"Thread1 created"<<std::endl;
      int main() {
          signal(SIGINT, sig_handler);
          std::thread t1(thread1);
          return MRAA_SUCCESS;


      The Eclipse is giving the error "Type 'std::thread' could not be resolved".  I figured the Eclipse packed with Intel Edison doesn't support c++11. Is there a workaround or solution to this problem? Thank you.





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