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    Unable to write to P3700 on an ARM platform


      I am having problems with writing to an intel P3700 NVMe drive on a

      ARM based platform and I would appreciate any help in debugging this

      problem. Here are my experiments and observations so far:


      • The drive is usable for read operations and I can run fio (randread, etc) but I cannot write to it.
      • Other manufacturer's NVMe drive can be inserted into this platform and I can write to it
      • I can insert the intel P3700 into an x86 host and I can perform write operations
      • I have tried using the nvme-cli (https://github.com/linux-nvme/nvme-cli) tool and have read the error codes from read. It just shows WRITE_FAULT which is not very


      • I have looked at the SmartLog reports and the 'Critical Warning' is 0, i.e. the device is not in Read-Only mode
      • I have updated the firmware using the intel SSD-DataCenterTool and updated the firmware on the drive the latest available version. The updated drive works fine on x86 platform.


      I think there is some combination of the platform and drive that is causing the problem. Can anyone offer pointers on how to debug this?


      I am using Linux/Ubuntu and accessing the drive directly (/dev/nvme1); Tried accessing with dd, nvme-cli and fio.