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    DH61AG memory problems


      Hi Guys

      About 18 months maybe 2 years ago I bought the above motherboard, put it away and started buying the bits to make something a bit special. I finally managed to get everything I wanted by the start of this year

      i5 3.1ghz quad coreProcessor

      256GB MSATA drive

      DVD ram Drive

      Intel advanced wireless card

      8GB SODIMM memory stick (thinking about future upgrade )

      running windows 7 64 bit for now but looking to run Linux with windows in virtual environment in the future

      I've been putting PC's together for 20 plus years and built some nice ones for other people so I decided to do the same for me, I finally managed to find time to put it together, everything worked fine until i wanted to do the memory upgrade this week.  I ordered the memory from Offtek same place as I ordered the first 8GB so it would match the original memory was place in the second slot (B) closest to the motherboard, all working fine WooHoo then this week I ordered the second stick mainly so my son could use this PC for his college work when he starts his level 3 later this year

      Well I plugged the memory into the spare (A) slot turned the PC on after plugging in the power.    Nothing from the video, CPU fan running. I've checked both memory sticks in the "B" slot it starts no problem, place memory into slot "A" just CPU fan running, I've tried a BIOS update to "0045" but still the same is there any way the memory slots can be disabled or enabled, I've also removed the BIOS battery and fully powered down, but still can't get the "A" slot to work

      Anyone got any suggestions Please