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    Re: Black screen.High noise from CPU fan


      I have Intel 915G chipset board in a branded machine. On power on, the CPU fan spins at a jet speed but system does not boot. All voltages as checked by Oscilloscope are normal; all capacitors are fine. Since its a customosed board changing/replacing it with other Intel board is not possible. The Vendor company has raised its hands as they dont have anymore boards in their inventory. The diagnostic lights at the rear end of the board indicate bios failure. Any help would highly be appreciated.

      Also if the corrupted bios could be flushed and the fresh bios could be loaded in its place, I think the motherboard could be revived. But then how to do it is a million dollar question. tHE HELP FROM THE LEARNED MEMBERS IS SOUGHT AS HOW TO MAKE THIS BOARD UP & RUNNING?"