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    Win XP Pro SP3 32bit problem with DP55WB


      On another post, I bought the identical barebones kit with the Intel DP55WB board, i5 Processor and a Seagate Barricuda 750GB SATA drive. Have a GeForce 9500GT graphics board which the computer recognizes just fine. Win xp does the formatting of the HD just fine and begins installing. Gets to the point where the status bar of "Installing Devices" appears in the bottom left (35 minutes left). Goes about 50% then the computer screen goes completely blank and reboots. Then windows xp setup starts over at the point where it says 39 minutes left and then proceeds to the device status bar and goes to the same position and reboots time and time again. The setup screen does not show you which device driver it is having a problem installing. Do I have to install any drivers first from the Intel CD that came with the board? If so, how do I do it when Windows setup keeps looping. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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          The only thing I can think of is that you have your SATA controller set to AHCI/RAID mode, which requires a driver to load

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            I faced the similar problem while upgrading my 32bit SP2 to SP3.The problem was not of any hardware but of the permissions in Win XP. The same was resolved by down loading a small utility - "Dial-a-fix". Go for a google search and you'll get it. Run the permissions in the said utility and then install SP3. I'm sure you'll be through. Please do confirm after your problem is resolved.

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              Thank you for the reply. I checked the Bios and the HD is set for IDE. Battleaxe - I have downloaded the Dial-a-fix software but don't have a clue as to how to run it. I don't have a floppy drive, so do I have to put on a CD but if that is not bootable, what do I do? This is the first time I have built a machine and everything seems to check out just fine except this problem.


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                Here are 2 of the Internal chipset config:


                Configure SATA - IDE

                S.M.A.R.T. - enable


                Are there any other bios settings that I should be looking at causing potential issues?


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                  Still cannot get my situation figured out. I downloaded windiag from msft for memory checking and booted from that CD. Ran all the extensive tests and passed flawlessly. Went back to trying to install Win xp pro 32 bit and re-booted at the same place. I am running out of options and don't know what to do. Any body else out there with an idea of fixing this issue? Thanks.


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                    I forgot to list my kit configuration - here it is:


                    Intel Core i5 Socket 1156 Barebone kit

                    Intel DP55WB mobo

                    Intel Core i5 750 CPU

                    4GB DDR3 ram

                    750 GB Seagate HDD SATA

                    750 watt PSU

                    Sparkle GeForce 9500GT video with 1GB - PCIe

                    MSI DH-24AAS-17 Internal DVD writer.



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                      Hi EAA


                      Have you tried to cross test with another operating system?


                      Were exactly is the operating system installation stopping?


                      Does always stopping in the same place or is a random?


                      Did you run a memory check? Find below a utility that runs memory checks.




                      Select the free download option





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                        You may have incompatible memory. I was just having a similar problem, see:





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                          The reboot is happing in exactly the same place - I even tried another Win XP pro sp3 install disk, did a complete reinstall including formatting the HD and did the same thing. Here is where it reboots:


                          Collecting information - OK

                          Dynamic update - OK

                          Preparing installation - OK

                          Installing windows (39 minutes left). Below this a bar shows up under the words loading devices. Bar goes across about 50% of the way and then the computer reboots.


                          Below is information from my bios which hopefully will help:

                          BIOS version: WB1BX10J.86A.0122.2009.0802.2219

                          Active processor cores - ALL

                          Host clock frequency - 133 mhz

                          Processor turbo speed - 3.20 ghz

                          Memory speed - 1067 mhz

                          L2 cache ram - 256 kb

                          L3 cache ram - 8192 kb

                          Total memory - 4096 mb

                          Memory channels - A slot 0 - 2048 mb

                          Memory channel B slot 0 - 2048 mb

                          Internal chipset config:

                          Configure SATA as <IDE>

                          S.M.A.R.T = enabled

                          SATA port 0 - ST3500418AS - 500.1 GB

                          SATA port 1 - not installed

                          SATA port 2 - ATAPI DVD A D-ATAPT

                          HD Pre delay - 0

                          PCE Express config:

                          PCI Latency timer <32>

                          HPET <enabled>

                          FLR capability <disabled>


                          USB Legacy = <enabled>

                          Video config:

                          Primary video adaptor <auto>

                          Periferal config:

                          Audio <enable>

                          HD front panel audio <enable>

                          On board LAN <enable>

                          On board 1394 <enable>


                          Host clock frequency override <auto>

                          Host clock frequency <133> all 3 columns as below

                          Intel turbo boost tech <enable>

                          Multiplier <24>

                          Speed <3.2ghz>

                          Memory overrides:

                          Muliplier <8>

                          Speed <1067>


                          Processor core <dynamic>

                          Memory <1.5> volts

                          QPI / Processor Uncore <1.1v>


                          The memory in this computer is:OCZ 4GB PC3-10666 Platinum low voltage 2 x 2 GB

                          I have a question - When I was installing the motherboard and putting in all the connections, there was a pin socket for 1394 but did not know what to plug into it - so left it unplugged. As noted above in the bios, the "On board 1394 <enable>". Should that be turned to disable or should there be a plug to go into that?


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                            I upgraded to the latest BIOS from Intel and is still doing the same thing. I have read on other posts regarding disabling turbo boost or something like that or also raising the voltage of the memory. I am a little leary on the voltage thing. My specs are above with the exception of the BIOS version which is the latest. Any suggestions as to what to try either in the bios or wherever, would be greatly appreciated. Haven't been able to even install Win xp pro for about 10 days. Thanks.


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                              I have tried almost anything. Point is I cannot even get the operating system installed to find out if this machine would work after all other software is loaded. As per my previous post I have tried 2 different win xp pro install disks (reformatting the HD both times) and still reboots at the same time during install. If the computer is just sitting there running while in the BIOS screens, it is just fine. Ran the extensive memory testing and passed flawlessly. I am going crazy trying to find an answer here and don't know what to do. Should I contact Intel directly? Do they have support numbers? Thanks for you previous posts. I don't know if there is actually anything wrong with anything in the box but just can't get any farther.


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                                Hi try this workaround.


                                Connect the HDD to another working system and initialize the HDD using the Disk Management.


                                After initialize the HDD and you will be able to install Windows XP with no hassle.





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                                  We have been having the same problem with this particular board here and found it to be a memory voltage issue.  Up your memory voltage to 1.6v, I have found this to work with the highly unstable DP55WB.


                                  We have called Intel engineers to let them know that this seemed to fix the problem, but not to sure they are listening.


                                  Give it a shot!

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                                    Finally figured it out to be to disable C1 state. That is the only thing. Was able to initialize the HD on the same computer as well. What a long nightmare. I knew that everything else including the ram was OK. The ram was at 1.5 v. Thank you all for replying. Consider this as solved after a long, long ordeal.