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    Bluetooth kernel patches?


      I’m hoping to use Bluetooth GATT with this library:



      The README mentions this:

      To gain complete and exclusive control of the HCI device, gatt uses HCI_CHANNEL_USER (introduced in Linux v3.14) instead of HCI_CHANNEL_RAW. Those who must use an older kernel may patch in these relevant commits from Marcel Holtmann:

      Bluetooth: Introduce new HCI socket channel for user operation
      Bluetooth: Introduce user channel flag for HCI devices
      Bluetooth: Refactor raw socket filter into more readable code

      Since Edison ships with Linux 3.10 and I’m not aware of newer kernel builds that work, can these patches be added to Edison’s Yocto kernel? I’ve already got a completed BSP build, but don’t know how to include these patches or whether it’s possible at all.