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    Intel Edison SPI CS pin issue



      I am trying to read data from a sensor using SPI protocol. I have a simple code for that which is shown below. I am using Eclipse and uploading and running code on Intel Edison using OTG USB port.


      #include "mraa.hpp"
      #include <iostream>
      #include <unistd.h>
      int main() {
          mraa::Spi* IMU = new mraa::Spi(0);
          if (IMU->mode(mraa::SPI_MODE3) != MRAA_SUCCESS
                  || IMU->bitPerWord(16) != MRAA_SUCCESS
                  || IMU->frequency(1000000) != MRAA_SUCCESS) {
              std::cerr << "Can't set SPI 0" << std::endl;
              return MRAA_ERROR_UNSPECIFIED;
          static uint8_t SPI_command[] = { 0x00, 0x12 };
          uint8_t* rcvBuf;
          while (1) {
              rcvBuf=IMU->write(SPI_command, 2);
              printf("%i %i \n",rcvBuf[0],rcvBuf[1]);
          return MRAA_SUCCESS;


      So as it can be seen from the code I am creating a SPI object, setting the bitPerWord to 16, setting the SPI_MODE3 and frequency to 1MHz. Doing all this doesn't give me any error. Now when I run the code and hook up my SPI_CS0 to a signal analyzer I don't see any pulses whereas I can see pulses on SPI_CLK and SPI_TX channel. So it doesn't make sense to me that the SPI is initialized and the SPI_CLK and SPI_TX chanel are active but SPI_CS0 is not active. What can be issue here (I checked the physical connection and I have continuity between Edison SPI_CS0 pin and the pin where sensors is attached). Also how else I can control SPI_CS0 pin. I will appreciate any help in this matter. Thank you.