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    How to add ntuple filter with different masks?




      We are trying add different ntuple rules with different masks but nic doesn't allow to do so.


      For example:


      ethtool -N enp7s0f1 flow-type tcp4 src-ip m action -1


      After adding above rule, when i try adding another rule with different mask, i get error

      ethtool -N enp7s0f1 flow-type tcp4 src-ip m action -1


      I got this error

      rmgr: Cannot insert RX class rule: Invalid argument


      and that error on dmesg

      ixgbe 0000:07:00.1 enp7s0f1: Only one mask supported per port


      And this is also valid for src-ip dst-ip src-port dst-port pairs. I can add a rule only if  it has same mask for all options.


      These are properties of my test machine.

      Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection (rev 01)

      Kernel version: 3.15.9

      ixgbe version: 4.0.1-k-rh7.1

      OS: Centos 7

      ethtool version: 3.8 (also tried with 3.18)


      I wonder if there is a solution for that? Is it because of nic capability? or can it be fixed by recompiling driver with an option? etc.


      Thanks for any help.