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    DP55WB - Stuck on post after reset




      I recently bought a DP55WB and it seems to be working fine, until I reset my computer: it always seems to get stuck on the BIOS POST screen, displaying only "5A". After a long time, it resumes, but doesn't seem to detect my harddrive. Anyone know a solution for this?


      Keep in mind that the first boot always works, extremely fast, and the problem only happens after a reset (or after coming back from a windows sleep).


      BTW, I currently have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 and a Sony optiarc dvd connected.



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          Exact same issue here, anyone knows how to fix this?

          I also have a Seagate Barracuda.



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            i AM ALSO HAVING THE ISSUE.... my post bios screen shows a 66 code. not able to get it to boot even after hard reset.

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              Kalmah and repsolrob, I was able to fix this issue by simply using another usb port on the motherboard. Maybe it will work for you guys too.

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                I am currently using all 6 SATA ports on the board.  I bought three boards and built 3 computers. Every single one has the same issue.  If all sata connections are removed from the board then it will boot.  you can not even plug in one sata hard drive and one sata ROM, board will not boot. I only experienced this issue after loading the chipset /nic/audio drivers on the pc after windows xp installed. the cd doesnt allow to install only the nic and audio.  if you load the audio you have to load the chipset.   I have not been able to boot any of the three machines.  Please post a bios update to fix this. hard drive can be put on a static sata channel.

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                  A safe configuration to check is non-raid (not AHCI), SATA optical and multiple hard drives.  I am quite satisfied with that.

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                    I need to run (1) 1 tb hard drive and 5 sata dvd ROMs  is this possible

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                      You might be better off asking that on the software forums of the OS or DVD.  Seems like it should be less troublesome than RAID but I can't remember any answers about multiple SATA DVD drives.  Even if they are all SATA I'm not sure if any controllers handle more than 4 devices.  It could depend on how you're using them.

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                        I purchased parts for 4 computers same exact specs with all having the same board.  I am only able to get two of the units to use 5 Sata CD and 1 Hard drive.  so i know it can be done. after several hundred restarts and un pluging of 2 to 3 sata drives it finally booted.  i left it on for 30 + hours then went back and plugged in the left over sata drives.  Definatley not the solution beacuse it only worked on 2 of the 4.  the other one i am able to get 1 hard drive and 2 sata.  no matter what port sata is connected on.  The last machine i am only able to get 2 sata and 1 hard drive.  If the box says 6 SATA ports you should expect 6 SATA ports to work wouldn't you?   RAID is not enabled..  Please post a fix for the bios.  This is not an OS issue, due to the fact it is stuck on the bios.  It seems to be the bios doesnt find the drive.   Please provide bios that checks for the hard drive on a specific SATA channel.

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                          So there is a chance.  I am far from a professiona but I have read of some problems with cables, and for motherboards, slots and ports.  3 restarts or retries should be max for any software, driver or hardware installation.  Read about "Hot swap" since it is often misused and I may mispeak but it could make a difference if you are trying plug-and-play without turning off the machine.  Check individual slots to see if they are the cause.  What you want is a BIOS that checks the slots etc. but I'm not sure the BIOS is that specific.  If it were, the whole motherboard would be bricked if you managed to plug a firewire into one of the USB ports.  Actually it probably would.

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                            The solution is here...I had the same error since a very long time.... Anywho, try using the primary power (the connector with many colorful thin wires) instead of the secondary power supply (NOT the red sata wire) which is connected into the hard drive...nothin wrong with the processor or the mobo...anywho..this process worked for me and now it starts really fast..hope this helps you'll too... rply if any queries.

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                              Are you talking about the case wire for the soft reboot being incorrectly connected on the motherboard?  I do not recommend ever using the included CD for driver installation if newer downloaded drivers are available.  This is particularly important for the INF chipset configuration which should be installed first.  The order is no longer so important anyway.  The CD simplifies the LAN installation but you can figure out what you really want (probably just the ProSet).  The all operating system LAN should technically load as fast provided that multiple OSs are not present (such as when using Windows Virtual PC on Win 7).  The other issue to consider is placing a SATA optical drive on port 0 or 1 and C drive on 1 or 0.  I have recently installed Win 7 and am using AHCI with no problem (fast boot time).

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                                Perfect Curious592! That helped me.


                                The shopman connected my SATA 1TB HDD to port 5 and i connected the SATA Dvd Writer to Port 3 in my home. That was causing lot of troubles. Now i connected the HDD to port 0 and DVD-W to port 1 and everything is working like gem.