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    4GB or 8GB in DG41TY?


      Hi, I recently bought a desktop with components chosen to allow up to 8 GB of RAM for future expansion.  My choice of motherboard

      was DG421RQ but they installed a DG41TY as a free upgrade, and I have some doubts about this.  The 8 GB figure is printed on

      the box the mobo came in, and can be seen in SOME documents on Intel'ś site.  However, the most detailed manuals and memory

      test info say the maximum is 4 GB.  For the DG41RQ and DG41MJ, documents say that the BIOS can be set to alter voltage for

      8 GB support, but this part is missing in a similar docs for the  DG41TY.   I found nothing relevant about changes in product specs,

      and detailed searches on the internet did not help.  So what is the case - wrong or outdated information on Intel's site, or a mobo

      that for some reason is a bit different and will not support expansion to the desired capacity?    Can anyone please clarify this?



      Peter Johnson

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          Hi Peter,


          Seems there are some misunderstanding here. Let me try to explain.


          1. The Technical product specification clearly states that the board supports 8GB ot TOTAL system memory in section 1.5

          2. The DG41TY System memory page states "Largest usable DIMM" to be 2GB, which is different from 4GB on TPS. I guess the reason is that the board was designed to support 4GB DIMM, but when the document was published, no 4GB DIMMs have been tested/validated with the board.

          3. Please remember that you'll need to run a 64-bit OS to use all 8GB memory (32-bit OS only sees 4GB)



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            Replying mostly to my own message, I now see that the confusion was caused by false information on p14 of the DG41TY Product Guide (which is what I mostly relied on, as it came on the CD accompanying the motherboard).  After first failing, I now see that it IS possible (although, quite rightly, somewhat hidden) to use the BIOS setup to increase the voltage for 8GB support. The guides for similar but slightly later products (RQ and MJ) have the correct information.


            I think Intel should take more care with their documents, as hurried searches showed this error (max 4 GB for DG41TY) in a few places and other minor errors appeared (e.g., confusing 'affect' and 'effect').  Note that Intel's Public Roadmap for 2H 2009 fails to list the G41 chipset as suitable for anything beyond Pentium processors!   But, so long as  things work, I can't complain, and I must  now drop out to concentrate on more pressing problems.   Thanks to Edward Zhao for taking the time to respond.


            - Peter Johnson

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              Hi Peter,


              Just wonder if you would share with me what memory modules you used in the end. I got a pair of G.Skill 2x4GB DDR2 5-5-5. The board will not even POST with the modules installed. It just gives three beeps (meaning - no memory).


              The mem specs (5-5-5; non-ECC; etc) seem to match the requirements stated in the board manual. In fact the memory vendor claims that they have tested the memory on boards with G4x chipsets (http://gskill.com/products.php?index=209). I also tried setting mem voltages from 1.8 to 2.1 V in BIOS setup, no luck.


              Your info is greatly appreciated!



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                Replying to Nanokid:


                Sorry for the delay - just moved to a new city.
                By now I guess you will have a solution.  If not ...


                For best answers, post in another thread - this one was
                created by mistake, due to what I now realize were just
                errors in some Intel documents,and should now be CLOSED.


                I myself won´t upgrade to 8GB for at least a year and know
                very little about what could go wrong.  Voltage may need to
                be EXACTLY right, and damage, e.g. by static, is possible.
                Intel´s site has (sowehere) a help system for boot problems.


                Good luck,
                Peter Johnson