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    SR1630BC/S5500BC and VMWare ESXi 4.0


      Hello All!


      I am using one of these servers to act as a smaller VMWare ESXi server.


      I am having small difficulties using the onboard RAID to set up a RAID-1 Configuration:



      2x 5504

      12GB RAM

      2x imation SSD 64GB drives


      The VMImages are stored on an external NFS share, so I just need small and fast to get booted to the VMWare environment.


      I went through the Intel Setup CD first, updated all the bios/firmware etc... then enabled hyperthreading (oops.. not supported on these CPU's... it's OK for testing/DR purposes - I'll know better on the next machine), and set up the drives to be RAID-1.


      On reboot, it seemed to come up, but when I went to do the install, there's the choice for Disk-0 and Disk-1 and the destination.... hmmm...


      Anyone run into this? Anything I missed in setting up the base RAID? Any suggestions on how to properly set these up to be RAID-1 (I don't see any options in BIOS -- only from the boot CD).