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    NUC5i7RYH - 4k @ 30Hz through HDMi artifacts


      I have my i7 NUC connected to a Samsung UHD TV using a 1,5 meter High Speed (Cat 2) HDMI cable and a small HDMI to Mini HDMI converter.


      1080p/60Hz works fine, however 4k/30Hz causes intermittent momentary flashes/artifacts and a few rare signal dropouts lasting half a second or so.


      So far I have ruled out driver issues. The TV is running the latest firmware. Could the cable have something to do with this problem? Aren't all HDMI high speed cables capable of 4k resolution? Also, could the -cheap- HDMI to mini HDMI adapter cause such an issue?


      Has anyone else run into such a problem?


      Thanks in advance!