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    NUC5iRYH -- Ubuntu installation screens messed up


      Hi, trying to install Ubuntu from USB disk, I set the BIOS options as given by Intel (legacy boot off). It is possible to start installation and I am getting the Ubuntu Logo. Then comes the first installation mask where I am requested to enter some info, but this mask is not displayed correctly and I cannot see what exactly I am requested to enter. I press Continue anyway, then on the next screen the same messy installation mask with unreadable info. Pressing Continue few more times without knowing what info I am requested to enter. Then everything is blocked, still a Continue button is visible but not active. I am not sure whether this is a display problem or anything wrong with Ubuntu installation disk. While I was doing these manipulations several times in some way something else was messed up so I cannot anymore enter the BIOS setup screen using F2. F2 after restart only gives me now a black screen.


      Please help  ....

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          You will get that with Ubuntu 14.04 or 14.10 -- it needs updated kernel and graphics drivers to work properly on the Broadwell NUCs. Just install 15.04 and you should be fine.


          However, you might want to avoid the very latest kernel update 3.19.0-18 since that appears to have broken HDMI audio. More on that here:

          Bug #1457369 “kernel 3.19.0-18 breaks HDMI audio for snd_hda_int...” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

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            Hi, thanks for this guidance. OK, seems I require Ubuntu 15.04 with Kernel 3.19.0-16 ... well I am just I normal user, I have no clue how to change kernel in Ubuntu15.04. Where can I find any help to do this? I fear I will not be fit enough to work with experimental release 15.04 though.


            Any good alternative with Linux Mint? I tested Cinnamon and got same effect as with Ubuntu 14.04, I guess any expert would have expected this as both are based on Debian?

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              Ubuntu 15.04 will install with the 3.19.0-15 kernel which works fine.


              Before doing anything else (including updates) you might install the Synaptic package manager:


              sudo apt-get install synaptic


              There you can select the kernel modules and select the "hold" option.


              There are other ways to approach it. Google "Unbuntu lock kernel" to see several other more detailed tutorials.


              Mint won't work out of the box. It's based on Ubuntu but typically lags behind by a few months given their conservative approach. It's not clear to me that Mint 17.2 will work out of the box either. Last I heard it will ship with a 3.16 kernel.

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