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    Intel 2600k not running at stock speed


      My Intel Core i7 2600K is not running at stock speed, which is 3,4 GHz (34 x 100 MHz).

      My BIOS says it is running at 3,5GHz (35 x 100 MHz)


      I'm experiencing hard-freezes, and sometimes even outage.
      I think it might have something to do with my PSU, which is a Corsair HX850.


      I flashed my BIOS and restored it to factory defaults and checked whether it's overclocking.

      If it should be running at 3,4 GHz, this might explain why my computer freezes, although it should be able to handle much more.


      Naturaly, my question is, is 3,4 GHz the default clock speed for my CPU?

      Thank you in advance.