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    Wake-On-Lan for Intel(R) PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter


      I have such adapter on pci slot of ATX motherboard A7V600-X (documentation is http://support.asus.com/download/download_item.aspx?product=1&model=A7V600-X). The problem is that wake-on-lan refuses to work.

      Futher innformation is:

      1) A7V600-X has other bult-in lan and wal function works on it well. So there are no problems in network.

      2) A7V600-X supports pci 2.2 so i don't need that wal cable. And actually i don't see any socket for it on motherboard. Besides option "wake on PCI" is turned on. No special "Wake on LAN" option avaulable in BIOS.

      3) I've upgraded boot client for card to latest 4.2.02 version. During this i saw that wal is enabled as ibautls showed.


      What i do wrong? Is it problem with LAN card or motherboard?

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          You might have already checked these, but just in case:

          1. On the Power Management tab check Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby
          2. On the Advanced tab, make sure the Wake on Settings are not disabled


          Are you using both the built-in network connection and the Intel(R) PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter set to wake at the same time? What happens if you disable the built-in network connection? Will wake on LAN start working on the Intel(R) PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter? Sometimes the standby power supply does not supply enough power for wake on LAN to two devices.


          If none of the above works, here are a few more things you could try.


          You said that ibautil indicated that wake on LAN is enabled when you upgraded the boot client. Nevertheless, you might want to run the utility with the commands to enable wake on LAN to see if that resolves the not waking issue.


          Try putting the Intel PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter in a different slot.


          None of the BIOS updates for your motherboard mention wake on LAN, but if nothing else works you might consider upgrading to the latest BIOS. Sometimes an issue is fixed that is not specifically mentioned.


          Let us know how you finally resolve this.


          Mark H

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            Thank you for replying. Now i suspect that problem only in motherboard. Besides i've tried to check this LAN card on other motherboard - an it works! Moreover, when i just plugged that card on that "bad" motherboard wake-on-lan do not work anymore in even internal LAN. So, WAL voltage seems to be shared between that two LANS and as consequence noone of them do not work anymore. And, more drammatically, when i just totally disabled internal LAN, external one still has no appropriate WAN voltage. But, maybe only one thinh i did wrong, that is a process of "charging". Namely, to create WAN voltage i just turned on comp and turned off when Network booting process of DHPC search was in proceed (it's a diskless computer). At least on internal LAN such charge-in works...