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    Naming Concept For Intel


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      Naming concept for Intel


      Sart all over again using the generation concept but with a new naming scheme, the aim for this is to unify as much components as possible through familiar naming to avoid confusion.


      Asumming we are starting at gen 1


      Chipset two types performance and mainstream X110 and X100


      Processor in this case Core family for performance Core x8-110X and mainstream Core x8-100


      The chipset is pretty much explanatory X110 or X100 denotes the generation of the chipset and helps in identifying the compatible CPU that goes in the chipset.


      In the case of the concept naming on the processor E.g. x4 stands for 4 cores 8 threads CPU, x6 is 6 cores 12 threads, x8 is 8 cores 16 threads and so on, on the mainstream the CPU includes an iGPU


      On performance the CPU does not include iGPU but has all the extra goodies more PCI lanes more L cach and so on.


      The number that appears after CPU name e.g 100 denotes CPU generation plus the compatible chipset that goes along with it.


      More examples to prove naming concept of unifying


      E.g. Performance

      Desktop Board Name DX110

      Processor Core x8-110X


      E.g. Mainstream

      Desktop Board DX100

      Processor Core x8-100, Core x8-100T, Core x8-100S

                      Core x6-100, Core x6-100T, Core x6-100S

                      Core x4-100, Core x4-100T, Core x4-100S



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