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    saving data to a file or...




      I am working with the Intel Edison breakoutboard. And i am looking for a way to log the data which is read from some sensors. I can see the data values in the console in Intel XDK, but its not possible to copy all the data since i have hundreds of lines.


      So is it possible to get the console log as a file, or somehow save the data value on the intel edison and then save them to a file.

      And i have to be in intel Xdk using javascript ?


      Hope some can help.


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          Hello Aku,


          Well, you could create a file called log.txt (or whatever you want to call it), and after every read from the sensors you have to add a system call from Node that tells the the read value to be stored on log.txt. In oreder to make a system call from Node you have to use Child Process. I'd suggest you to take a look at Child Process Node.js v0.12.4 Manual & Documentation


          Other options for doing this are to use the Arduino IDE or the Linux side. But from Node this is the only way I can think of.