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    Segate external drives looses USB connection on shutdown


      If i plugin the Segate drive it is detected by win7 and everything works. However next time i start the pc the drive isn't detected any more. I then have to unplug the drive do a re start and plug in again and the drive will be detected. However this is a pain to do each time. The Renesas electronic s usb 3.0 root hub is always missing from the device manager on start up. I have tried everything to fix and updating the drive for the usb but no luck. Also if i do a re boot while the drive is still plug in it will take longer to go pass the bios screen and  windows will  take longer to load even though the drive isn't still detected.  The drive does won on USB 2.0 and the flash drive will work on USB 3.0 and wont disconnect when pc is turned on.

      MB is Intel DX79SI__