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    play audio on Edison, usb sound card with no sound, but on terminal, we can see that it is playing


      When I play .wav use Alsa, I can see information below:

      root@edison:~/audioplay# aplay Error.wav  
      Playing WAVE 'Error.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 11025 Hz, Mono

      But when I connect my earphone to the usb sound card, I can hear nothing.

      I tried to set the volume use amixer

      root@edison:~/audioplay# amixer controls 

      numid=2,iface=PCM,name='PCM Notify'

      numid=1,iface=PCM,name='PCM Rate Shift 100000'

      numid=3,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Active'

      numid=6,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Channels'

      numid=4,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Format'

      numid=5,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Rate'

      numid=8,iface=PCM,name='PCM Notify',subdevice=1

      numid=7,iface=PCM,name='PCM Rate Shift 100000',subdevice=1

      numid=9,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Active',subdevice=1

      numid=12,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Channels',subdevice=1

      numid=10,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Format',subdevice=1

      numid=11,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Rate',subdevice=1

      numid=14,iface=PCM,name='PCM Notify',subdevice=2

      numid=13,iface=PCM,name='PCM Rate Shift 100000',subdevice=2

      numid=15,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Active',subdevice=2

      numid=18,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Channels',subdevice=2

      numid=16,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Format',subdevice=2

      numid=17,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Rate',subdevice=2

      numid=20,iface=PCM,name='PCM Notify',subdevice=3

      numid=19,iface=PCM,name='PCM Rate Shift 100000',subdevice=3

      numid=21,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Active',subdevice=3

      numid=24,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Channels',subdevice=3

      numid=22,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Format',subdevice=3

      numid=23,iface=PCM,name='PCM Slave Rate',subdevice=3



      but no keywords like 'volume' 'master' found. So I can't set the volume.

      Can anyone tell me how to set the volume?


      I also get a usb earphone. I can hear the voice, but still I can't set the volume. The volume is not adjustable.