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    SSD 750 pcie 400GB / WIN8.1 64 / does not boot anymore


      Hi @ all


      I've a new Intel SSD750 PCIE SSD. I've installed Windows 8.1 64 on it and it worked all fine (two days ago)...

      But now the PC won't start up. It allways says, that it dit not found a boot drive.

      The UEFI setings are all the same.

      The only thing i changed, is, that i activatetd Bitlocker in Windows for the Drive where Windows is installed.


      Mainboard: Asus Maximus Ranger VII (Z97)


      On the SSD no LED is liteing. It is pluged in properly in the PCIE-X4 Port.... I have no clue, why it does not boot...


      If i start up the System with the Windows CD the PCIE drive is not shown. Even in the UEFI the SSD is not listed.


      Hope there is anyone who can help me...


      Thank you