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    Wifi randomly disconnects with Intel Network 7260 network card, only on my laptop


      I recently purchased a new wireless card and I decided to go for the Intel Network 7260 and I've been having a recurring problem, the wifi randomly disconnects. I get a DNS error in chrome. When I turn on airplane mode then turn it back off, it resolves the problem but it is still unacceptable. The problem occurs anywhere from every five minutes to every hour. I have made sure that all connections are fine, and they are, I have also restarted my computer multiple times, still nothing. Also I have updated the drivers with the intel driver update utility with no results, it says that the installation was successful, then when the install wizard closes and it shows a list of all the updates, it says "Failed". I have repaired thrice with the same thing. Another thing, this only affects my laptop (all other devices are fine) and i have never had this ever, with anything.

      I don't know if the drivers are the problem or it could be something else.


      I have an HP envy laptop running windows 8