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    Newest Intel Wireless Driver Update Failing


      Hey everyone.


      I had Windows download and install updates, instead of waiting for it to do it itself. Everything worked fine except for one driver update. The driver is called Intel driver update for Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 1030, and Windows told me that the update failed. Unfortunately, after I restarted my computer and the updates applied, my Wi-Fi adapter stopped working because that driver failed!


      I have tried a few things based on other forums that I have read, but nothing has been successful.

      -Uninstalling the driver and trying again.

      -Uninstalling the driver and installing an older version.

      -Doing both of those things and installing the driver from Intel Update Utility and from a direct download.

      -Uninstalling the wi-fi adapter, restarting my computer, and installing the drivers.

      -Turning off Windows Firewall during the download and installation of the driver.


      I would love some advice on how to get this thing working again so I can have my wireless connection back!


      On a similar note, my Intel Update Utility has been failing to install several ProSet updates lately, and I am wondering if that is connected to this issue at all.


      Further details:

      My laptop is a Dell Inspiron N5110

      The driver update I am trying to install is version 17.1.1501.01


      Thank you