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    issue with iscsi booting of SUSE server 10



      I am trying to do iscsi remote booting of SUSE server 10 with Intel gigabit ET dual port server adapter.  Diskless host tries to boot and fails while trying to find "/" and "swap" partitions.  Error thrown is something like "Waiting for /dev/sda6 to appear............not found. exiting /bin/sh".

      iSCSI target is a hard disk with SUSE server 10 installed (installed on the system which i am remote booting now) and it is appearing as /dev/sdb at target system.   LUN to which target disk mapped is 0.

      What could be the problem with my setup ?


      Note: Diskless host shows grub list and i am able to select the OS for iscsi boot.  But when failure occurs, keyboard is not functional.


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