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    NUC Kit D54250WYKH1. - Bios "Network Disconnected"


      NUC Kit D54250WYKH1.

      Followed directions and requirements as outlined in the 'Network Disconnected in BIOS' article (CS-035379.htm). 

      Power up NUC

      I access BIOS by pressing F2.

      Set/Verified UEFI Boot Priority is ON, Legacy Boot Priority is OFF

      F10 to Save then restart.

      Access BIOS by pressing F2

      Gray text 'Initializing Network' in the lower left corner

      After about 30 seconds the message changes to 'Network Disconnected'

      Ethernet adapter is showing no lights


      I did update the BIOS via a USB thumb drive from 0026 to 0038.

      This had no affect on the lack of the integrated Ethernet port.

      Is this a hardware malfunction?

      Please advise