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    hcitool lescan of Edison board has an error.


      I has tested Intel Edison board's Bluetooth LE.


      I used bluez 5.30 for scanning and connecting between Bluetooth LE devices.


      But "hcitool lescan" command doesn't work well and make infinite delay.


      how can I solve this problem?


      and is there another way to advertise Intel Edison BLE device to central device?

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          Hi aowlrdl


          Did you have error messages while you were installing BlueZ 5.30? Did you install the source on the Release 2.1 or did you create a custom image?


          What is the immediate output of running hcitool lescan? 

          Are you able to detect devices using hcitool scan?


          If there are no LE devices near or as discoverable you can obtain that loop too. Are you sure you are using a LE device and that it is discoverable for other devices?

          Other makers also use GATTtool, you can try with that too.