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    Problem vith video playback at DN2820FYKH




      I´ve had problems now for some time.

      I get a video playback with very high contrast and very slow moving(lagging picture. This happens in XBMC and BS Player but not in VLC, In VLC the CPU goes up to nearly 100% though so I can´t use it.


      Current Graphics driver:


      If I reinstall the driver and doesn´t reboot the NUC the picture and playback runs perfectly, but after reboot it´s back to the high contrast. If I change the contrast down the picture looks normal but it´s still very laggy. So at the moment I have to reinstall the driver and not reboot everytime I want to use XBMC.


      I also get a warning sometimes on startup with CMOS battery failure if it matters?



      Please get back to me if you need additional information.