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    DQ87PG Motherboard inoperable after BIOS update v149 (latest)


      I updated my BIOS to v149 hoping it would solve some minor intermittent USB issues I was having with an external drive.

      Everything seemed to have gone fine after going through the BIOS update. "Flash update successful" and what not. The motherboard was made in 1st Q of 2014 and had a stock bios v144. I did not do any incremental updates between 144 and  149


      After changing the BIOS settings (now version 149) to fully UEFI bios, and disabling legacy boot, my DQ87PG motherboard refuses to boot.

      I get (x2) two one sec beeps. And then nothing. No screen. No HD activity that would tell me loading an OS. Nothing


      But the worst part of all is that I have no way of accessing the BIOS since the CPU I'm using (intel approved xeon e-1230 v3)

      doesn't have an integrated GPU. So I get no video from my PCIe graphics card. Which tells me perhaps the graphics card isn't uefi compliant. Maybe when the computer tries to boot it thinks there's no GPU to use. This is my best guess


      I've tried clearing the CMOS by taking the battery off for a few hours. But that didn't do anything. If this is indeed a BIOS settings problem, clearing the CMOS achieved nothing

      So it would seem I'm SOL.


      However.. I'm able to get video if I do a BIOS recovery (taking the security BIOS jumpers off). This allows me to downgrade/upgrade BIOS

      So what I've done so far is try to downgrade incrementally all the way down to BIOS 139. Any BIOS files below 139 the motherboard seemed to ignore.

      Trying all BIOS between 148 and 139 seem fruitless. The exact behavior was observed. Two consecutive two one-sec beeps. And then nothing. No screen.


      Anyone out there experienced this problem? Anyone with ideas on a fix before I toss this board out?