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      hi dear everyone

      after the some hardware changes in my pc also included my bios battery i tuned on the pc and i having couple of os hang and reboot

      then i look inside the pc and i touch the CPU's cooler the thing were maded by metal was too hot i thought it was not normal and took a look to bios

      and all the settings at bios are turned to default then i set some basic settings but

      i have no idea what sould i do for cpu configuration. motherboard have an award bios and using "P4 2.6 ghz" CPU

      and there are some options like that at the bios

      CPU speed               [Manuel] or [2667]Mhz

      CPU Frequency multiple [1x.........]

      CPU External Frequancy [100.......]

      there was a many options like that but they have two alternative like auto or digits and all of that set to auto because there was written "recommended" by bios

      but that options have no auto choice and there was some digits and manuel option instead of this and i dont know what they should set to.

      any suggestion or where can i find

      for a maximum performance and also safely using without any damage on system so im a poor man i have not so much money to lose


      thanks a lot ......