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    Lenovo Y70-70 Touch. The screen vibrates, shakes, shivers.


      I recently bought a Lenovo Y70-70 Touch (April 2.015).

      It has an integrated Intel 4600 graphics and an NVIDIA GTX 860M.

      Windows 8.1 comes preinstalled.

      I created a new partition where I installed Debian Stretch to 64 bits.

      During boot Debian, it is showing a series of messages.

      At one point, the screen is cleared, and then the screen starts to vibrate. From that moment, all that is shown in both the console text and graphic, is shown with a very annoying tremor.

      I realized that I had all current Intel drivers.

      I updated BIOS version 1.4 to 2.1

      Debian's driver is 2.99.917-1

      But the problem persists.

      I've tried various settings, including NVidia + Bumblebee drivers.

      Since I have not found in the network similar to my problem, I decided to consult a forum for Debian users and Lenovo's support.

      For now, all my attempts to eliminate flicker image have been unsuccessful.

      I've since April this inconvenience.

      Is there any solution for this?


      Thank you.