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    Can't update HD5500 drivers. Stuck on old 3947


      I have been trying to update my graphic card's driver due to some problems with GTA V. Constant freezes and issues such as in this video: Intel HD 5500 (Broadwell) Gaming - Grand Theft Auto V - 4156 driver glitches and bugs - YouTube

      Sadly I'm finding it troublesome to update it to the most recent stable driver, 4170, and I don't know how to fix this. I tried updating both automatically with the executable file and manually with the zipped file.

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          Funny how I could update it to 4062 simply because this driver is on the manufacturer's driver page. Sadly it is the most recent version available from them and it doesn't fix the problems as 4170 probably does.

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            Try the manual driver installation method

            Graphics Drivers — How to Manually Install a Driver in Microsoft Windows XP*

            I think this is exactly what You need

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              I tried the manual installation and it says the best driver software is already installed (as in the screenshot above).

              Also, there are no such files as these in the guide, nor other files to select. It only gives me the option to select folders. Your guide is for Windows XP users.

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                Hi Nicolau


                Your system has a driver that has been modified by the manufacturer of you system . The manufacture customized the driver specifically for the feature of your system. Intel Download Center only has Intel generic drivers that do not contain customization for specific systems. It is possible to install the Intel generic driver but be advised you will loose any customizations made to the manufacturers driver and your system may not function as intended.

                If you would like to install the Intel generic driver download the latest version here and extract the driver to a folder on your desktop. Then follow these steps exactly to overwrite the custom driver.



                1. Login with administrator privileges

                2. Open Control Panel

                3. Open Device Manager

                4. Click on "Display adapters"

                5. Double click "Intel HD Graphics"

                6. Click on the "Driver" tab

                7. Click on "Update Driver" button

                8. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software"

                9. Click on "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

                10. Click on "Have Disk" button

                11. Click "Browse"

                12. Navigate to the folder that you unzipped the Intel HD Graphics driver to

                13. Navigate to the Graphics sub-folder

                14. Double click the igdlh64.inf or igdlh.inf file <-- depends on if you have 32 or 64 bit OS

                15. Click "OK"

                16. Click "Next", Driver should now be installing.

                17. If successful, click "Close", Reboot.