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    Not able to set a resolution below 4k on 4kTV




      I have a strange bug with the last 3 or 4 drivers with Intel 4600 from a

      Intel Core i5-4590T CPU (Win7x64).


      I connect the HDMI-out to a 4k TV, but I only want 2k (1920x1080 60Hz) resolution because 4k is

      only supported with 30Hz.

      But the resolution output is always 4k. If I change it to 1920x1080 the resolution stays at 4k but the

      picture is smaller (1920x1080) with a black border around it.

      I can scale/stretch the picture in the Intel utility to full screen, but it always stays at 4k.

      Even if I try to override it with "Show all settings" in the display driver and select 1920x1080x32 60Hz

      I can not get a normal 1920x1080 60Hz resolution. It change automatically to 4k with 60Hz which results in a scrambled picture :-(


      The only driver which was working was one from 2014 with manual override.


      Is this a known issue ?