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    DZ68 chipset and Smart Response Technology


      If I go to http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/sb/CS-032826.htm, I see that "Z68, Z87, Q87, H87, Z77, Q77, H77 Express" chipsets support Smart Response Technology. But if I download the SRT User Guide further down on that page, I read that only "Z87, Q87, H87, Z77, Q77, H77 Express" chipsets are valid. Is that just a clerical error in the document or is there a different version of the user guide for DZ68 chipsets? I ask this because the forum includes many comments from a number of people who had trouble configuring SRT.


      Also, that user guide has some photos showing how to use SRT. On the Enable Acceleration dialog, there is a selection for "Full disk capacity (maximum 64 GB)." Does this imply that there is an absolute limit of 64 GB with Smart Response Technology or was that simply the size of the SSD used in the example?