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    NUC5i5ryh HDMI audio issues, WOL issues, Networking issues Bluetooth issues


      After reading the multiple reviews of how good these NUCs are as media players I decided to try for myself.


      My current setup is IB based, WIN7x64 + WMC (for TV) + MPC-HC(x64, madVr) as external player for stuff that WMC can't do.

      The PC is connected via HDMI to a DENON 1911 AVR and that via HDMI to a LG TV.

      - This setup is proven , I made multiple variations of it with Clarkdale, sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge PCs.


      Features I expect from any of my HTPC builds:

      - The system only enters S3 at idle, hardly ever reboots, is never switched off.

      - Even when the TV is off, the system can wake up for scheduled tasks, do some recordings, and go back to sleep

      - the system can be woken by WOL, e.g. for remote access to files,etc.. It goes back to sleep when idling for long enough (15mins)

      - CIR always worked out of the box (using Intel mobos  dh57dd, dh67gd, dh77eb....) incl. wake from S5, S3


      The only issue I have with the current (DH77EB) setup, is that HDMI audio does not enumerate the AVR caps when the AVR is turned on, thus switching from pass-thru to full decode caps.

      I would expect it to behave like mentioned e.g. here: Re: Disappointed  - Audio problem intel won't fix


      The new NUC build:

      - nu5i5ryh

      - crucial ballistix BLS2C4G3N18AES4CEU  2x 4GB 1866, LV

      - a spare 2.5 disk (I tried various incl. a samsung 830 ssd, )


      I quickly verified that the features claimed in the various reviews actually work (e.g media caps MadVR @ Jinc3AR...), all very nice.

      - Sleep wake cycles using CIR/keyb is OK



      1. the system is dead when woken up by WOL !!
        • it powers up all right, the light is blue, the fan is audible, the TV, if attached, or switched on later will show a static picture of e.g. the windows desktop (at a res of 1080i60, dunno where it gets that from).
        • Nothing else works, no keyboard, nor CIR, no mouse, not network, not even ping.  Have to switch the unit off to get it back.
        • This only happened when connected to the TV via HDMI, and not when connected to a computer monitor via HDMI/DVI cable. Since I suspected something HDMI I tried the new beta driver (...4206) provided in another thread. that seemed to make things better, but not always.
      2. The Network, Bluettooth and Wifi Notification Icons on the bottom right of the windows 7 desktop appear only randomly,
        • sometimes none of them are visible (not even the network icon, which is system icon) !!
        • if the network icon is visible, the wifi isn't
        • Bluetooth icon almost never is visible, sometimes however the 'Battery' icon is ???
        • BT icon can turned on by going to start->search->'BT settings' and then toggling the 'show notification' checkbox..
        • Note this is only the icons missing, the funcionality itself, i.e. netork, wifi, BT is there and working.
        • Unfortunately with a missing BT icon it is a pita to find any BT devices...
      3. HDMI audio re-enumeration when AVR is switched on/passthrough still doesn't work


      Items 2,3 I could probably some live with until they get fixed, seems to be related to a race condition/ timeout  when starting the various services but item 1 is a no go.


      I can't afford to invest that amount of money and then hope these issues might get fixed within the life cycle of the product. Last time I remember it took the IB/Haswell based systems about a year to get such things ironed out.

      I'm returning the system while I still can.

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          Thank you for providing me with this information and I am sorry if this has caused you problems. I will try to replicate this issue and start working on it.


          Kevin M

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            Before giving up I also noticed a few other things:


            The driver package won't install ootb on a win7 sp1 rtm image.

            Normally  I install drivers in the order


            2. me

            3. storage

            4. usb

            5. network

            6. CIR

            7. BT

            8. Display



            - chipset is OK,

            - Me is not.  Luckilly it breaks installation and tells you which KB to download, some kmdf co-installer. Did that , after that you can proceed..

            - storage (RST)  requires .net runtime.  I installed .net 4.5  runtime, and then storage also installs

            - usb installs fine

            Next update windows.... some 200 updates....

            4h and a few restarts later I installed the other drivers except for realtek Audio.


            Realtek Audio and display Audio seem to be incompatible.

            At first I only installed display together with display audio.


            This config works with HDMI audio, including hd-Audio passthrough to an attached AVR, but only if the AVR is already on at startup. Turning the AVR on after booting will NOT resync the audio caps.


            If I install realtek Audio, then Display Audio goes away. This may be, because I never actually attached anything to the headphone jack, I don't know.

            However, last thing I remember, the device manager now shows Realtek HD Audio instead of Intel display audio, and HDMI audio is missing, even though the system is attached to a TV and/or AVR.

            I had a similar problems years ago with the DH77EB, where I also decided to live without the realtek stuff, but that seems to have gone away, only to reappear here 2 gens later.

            Simply uninstalling the realtek stuff doesn't seem to help, I had to go back to a restore point before installing Realtek Audio. That brought back HDMI audio.


            If there is a special way or sequence of installing the drivers, this might be a good place to mention it.



            - are the alc Audio required for a HDMI audio to work properly, incl. resyncing audio caps in cas e AVR is switched on (from passthrough to full)?

            - are the audio drivers required for the system to goto sleep when idle?


            If so how to install both display audio and alc audio without one breaking the other?

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              I have been testing this same model from my side and I have not been able to replicate this issues.

              If you install the HD Graphics driver, it is also going to install the HD Audio driver but if it is causing conflicts the audio driver can be uninstall as a separate driver.


              Kevin m

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                If I understand correctly, you cannot reproduce ANY of the issues?


                So to be precise:

                1. buy the nuc, use the May driverpack

                2. install memory (8GB)

                3. install a disk (any 2.5" should do)

                4. boot to see if that works...

                5. update the bios to 247

                6. install Win 7 x64 SP1 RTM

                7. install chipset

                8. install ME drivers  <---- that should fail (kmdf coinstaller missing), if not, please tell me what win7x64SP1  you're using, or which ME driver .msi

                .9. install RST <-- that should fail (.net runtime missing)

                10. fix those, before installing any OTHER drivers

                11 install Network

                Win7 x64 sp1 now running with chipset, ME,  Network  drivers.

                update windows ....... should take quite some time (203 updates for me)


                continue installing drivers:




                optional WiFi (check if the notification icon is there)

                optional BT (check if the notification icon is there)

                DO NOT install Realtek Audio drivers.


                attach to a TV/AVR check hdmi audio is working...


                Now Install Realtek audio drivers


                check again if hdmi audio is still working...

                right click audio on bottom right, select playback devices, show properties...

                That fails (for me), if it works for you, pls tell me in which order you installed the drivers.


                I still have access to that system, so I can spend a little more time.