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    5i3ryh 4k display problem


      When connecting DP to a 4k display (dell p2715q), there is no post screen, but if I press F2, visual bios can show up. But boot manager does not show when pressing F10. Is this a nuc problem, monitor problem or firmware problem? Thanks.

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          Hi dodoei,


          Let me try to test this NUC with a 4k display to see if I get the same behavior. In the mean time, see if you can check with other cables; also confirm that you have the latest BIOS.


          You can also try a beta driver that we are currently testing.


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            Thanks for the help!


            I did more tests and found it's at least partly dell's monitor issue. After press F10, if I unplug/plug power cable of the monitor, the boot manager can show up. But the initial boot/post screen is still not displaying. I have a better quality cable coming in over the weekend and I will try if it helps.  Once the pc boots into windows or linux everything seems fine, it only happens before the OS starts.


            Another issue is if I use a passive mDP to HDMI adapter to connect from mDP to the monitor's HDMI, it always complains about timing issue (not being 30Hz), sometimes it can display for a moment then flickers. Is it because even with an adapter, the mDP port is still outputing 60Hz signals?

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              Since the pluging and unpluging seems to reset the monitor somehow, there could be a problem with HDMI handshake. Have you checked with Dell to see if there is a driver or a firmware update that addresses this issue?

              And regarding the refresh rate of the mDP, the maximum supported resolution is 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz.

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                I checked dell's forum, it seems p2715q does have a problem with handshake. I'm getting a VESA compliant mdp/dp cable and will see if that helps.


                I also saw 4K playback problems. It's choppy playing 4k videos from youtube. Is HD5500 supposed to play 4K videos smoothly? It only happens with the 4K monitor, 1080p and 1440p monitors were OK playing the same videos with 4K setting.

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                  The HD graphics 5500 should have no issues playing videos from YouTube, you can try the new cable to see if this help with the video issues.

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                    Hi dodoei,


                    I just wanted to check on this case and see if new cable fixed the problem?

                    We ran some more testes on our side, but we were not able to replicate the same issue, which leads us to think that this is the combination of the cable/adapter/monitor.

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                      Hi,  thanks for checking this.  I agree with you this looks like a cable/adapter/monitor issue.  When I tested with the new cable, the initial boot screen can show up, however the boot manager still failed to display after pressing F10. Overall, the new cable is better, but still has issues. Unfortunately I don't have another 4k display to test.


                      4k video playback seemed to be a driver issue.


                      By the way, will you release windows 10 display drivers soon?


                      Another minor thing I noticed was, with either windows 8.1 or windows 10 tech review, the nuc boot screen was still displayed when the windows boot screen came up. So the text "Intel NUC" displayed together with the windows spinning circles until the graphical login screen showed. Not sure if it's windows or nuc's problem, it dies not bother me anyways.

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                        Windows* 10 drivers will be available upon the operating system’s official release.

                        We also have a new driver you can try; you can find the information in the following thread:


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                          Thanks. Currently all the broadwell or NUC graphics drivers are not installing in windows 10 tech review. it simply says" this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"