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    G45 Chip Resolution Change Problem


      OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

      Chip: G45 Mobile


      I have had this computer for less than 2 months and the resolution problem already starts. When I click Adjust Screen Resolution in the control panel, I have the message that the computer is on VGA Mode and that the chip is incompatible with the operating system. It tells me to update the driver, but however, when I went on the intel download site, it claims that the graphics driver is updated. When I tried to reinstall the software for the driver (I had a copy in the downloads folder), nothing changes. When I go onto the graphics properties, there's a memory leak in the process: igfxsrvc.exe and I close the process. When I shut down that process, the memory leak stops and a window for the chip opens, but the resolution of the computer cannot be changed. Any help?